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The Gilbert model surrounded by a green field AB Homes new home builder Suffolk
The Gilbert model surrounded by a green field AB Homes new home builder Suffolk

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Six Signs of a Quality New Home Builder

by Brandon Simpson and Dan Lawson

Building a home is a complex undertaking—and a big ticket item. Choosing a builder to make your dream home a reality is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Think of the process in terms of basketball. The role of a professional custom-home builder can be compared to that of a skilled, committed coach. The builder will be responsible for planning, executing and overseeing the construction of your home, in concert with a team of players who give the game their all—without going into overtime. As you begin your search for your own home-builder “coach,” look for ones with the following attributes.

1. Has a good reputation

We’ve talked before about the importance of checking the builder’s website and online reviews. If you feel the overall look of the homes and the comments of previous clients align with what you seek in a new home, that’s a good first sign. Next, follow up by scheduling a tour of their model home for a first-hand look at their product.

2. Takes pride in their work

Ask the builder for a few references and addresses of owners who recently moved into their homes. If they decline to do so, that could be a red flag. Quality builders who take pride their work will be glad to have their customers do the talking. Drive by the houses to see how they look, and call the clients to ask about their home-building experience.

3. Is busy, but returns your calls

We’ve heard stories of folks who’ve tried reaching builders only to have their messages left unanswered. It’s one thing for a builder to be busy; it shows they are in demand. To be too tied up to return a call, however, reflects badly on their customer service—and how they may treat you as a client.

4. Listens to your ideas

A home should reflect your style and your way of life. It’s important to have a builder willing to listen to your ideas, and offer a few of their own. If they are not willing to consider your point of view, you may want to choose another builder.

5. Backs up the work

Standard Virginia warranties cover one year of surety coverage against defects in workmanship and materials. Does the builder offer more? At AB Homes, our warranty covers the one-year coverage, plus two years of systems surety coverage and 10 years of structural defects for load-bearing components. You certainly hope you won’t have to use your warranty, but it’s good to know you’re covered if needed.

6. Is a good communicator

Depending on the complexity of your home, the home building process may take time. How the builder communicates with you when you’re first checking out the company will give you an idea of how they will stay in touch once the papers are signed. It’s important that they keep you apprised of the milestones along the way.

To learn more about building a custom-built home, call our AB Homes specialist at (757) 435-9900. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

All the best,

Brandon and Dan

AB Homes Specialists
are Standing by

(757) 435-9900

We’d love to answer your questions! Call us to schedule an appointment to see our model home.

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AB Homes Specialists are standing by! (757) 435-9900

AB Homes Specialists are standing by! (757) 435-9900

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