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The Gilbert model surrounded by a green field AB Homes new home builder Suffolk
The Gilbert model surrounded by a green field AB Homes new home builder Suffolk

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2020 Home Trends

by Brandon Simpson and Dan Lawson

Introducing the 2020 New Home Trends. The New Year has arrived, and we hope yours if off to a good start. Now is the time to take stock of your life and make a few resolutions for the months ahead. Is buying a new home something you wish to do in 2020? Perhaps you’re checking out builders, looking at floor plans and scrolling through home design websites for inspiration. As builders, we keep up with the latest home design topics too. Here are our top trending home design features for 2020:

Open, Multipurpose Spaces

We’ve written before about the concept of “flow”; rooms that connect in a sensible way to the flow of your life. We expect open floor plans will be more popular than ever this year, with a focus on functionality over formality. Gone are the days of separate dining rooms and kitchens, or the den tucked in the basement. Combining these areas in one open space is conducive for conversation and easy living. Parents can oversee dinner arrangements and the kids at the same time. The flowing space is ideal for entertaining as well. Most of our AB Homes floor plans accommodate such open concept designs. This trend is here to stay.

Bathrooms as a Relaxing Getaway

For busy people looking to unwind at the end of the day, the bathroom has become the go-to retreat for Zen-inspired relaxation. Soaker tubs that let you submerge in aromatic elixirs are in high demand. So is the combo of having a tub and shower in the same space. We offer these in our master bathrooms, along with double-bowl vanities, granite counter tops and tile flooring. These features would be considered upgrades elsewhere, but come standard with us.

Interior Lighting Design

Lighting your home has become so much more than hanging a chandelier over your dining table or installing a dimmer switch in your bedroom. Home-lighting plans are now used to make spaces appear larger, showcase a piece of art, soften the look of a home theater or focus on strategic work areas. Well-placed lighting is also an important safety factor for seniors. We offer recessed LED lighting options in our homes. We appreciate the ambiance they create and love that the bulbs are 100% recyclable and energy efficient.

Year-Round Outdoor Living Spaces

There’s something about grilling and chilling on your back deck or patio area that has great appeal. It’s like a mini vacation in your own back yard. Homeowners have embraced the concept of creating outdoor living spaces, and we don’t see this trend abating any time soon. The sky’s the limit, from outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, to weatherproof furnishings and ornamental ponds. Not only will a stylish outdoor area space provide a relaxing escape, it will add value to your home.

Sustainable Living

As people become more aware of the stresses on our environment, it’s essential that we make good, green choices when running our homes. This eco-friendly lifestyle is growing in popularity, and we encourage it. Sustainable living can be as simple as installing energy-efficient appliances, not over fertilizing your yard or recycling every day. In Southeastern Virginia, you can sign up for the free Bay Star Homes program by pledging to adopt easy-to-do green practices in 2020. In return, you’ll receive a cool yard banner and stand, as well as the satisfaction of keeping our region clean and green.

We hope these trends spark some ideas of your own for 2020, and we’d love to hear about your home resolutions. Leave a comment, and let us know what home goals you have for the months ahead!

If you’d like to tour our model home and see our wide variety of floor plans and designs, give us a call at (757) 435-9900. We’d be happy to meet you.

All the best,

Brandon and Dan

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