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Ab Homes new home at sunset
AB Homes new home at sunset

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How to Prepare Your Home in Advance of Winter’s Chill

by Brandon Simpson and Dan Lawson

You know it’s coming. That freezing blast of cold weather will arrive all too soon, transforming our “Goldilocks” climate to that of a big, bad bear. Stocking your pantry and piling on blankets are good to do, but be sure to prepare all areas of your home for winter’s chill that comes with snow, ice and freezing conditions. Here’s our checklist of ways to winterize your house in advance of winter’s chill.

Young boy holding a stuffed bunny rabbit in front of a glass door looking out at the snow

Check your HVAC system.

Have a reputable contractor inspect your heating and cooling system to make sure everything is in working order before freezing weather sets in. It’s always best to be safe, than to be cold and sorry later.

Change your filters regularly.

This easy task can improve the efficiency and longevity of your air and heating system, guaranteeing a steady flow of warm air when you need it most.

Drip your indoor faucets.

If it’s super cold, you can prevent pipes from freezing by releasing a small drip of hot and cold water from your indoor spigots. This relieves built-up water pressure in the pipes if they should freeze.

Disconnect garden hoses, empty rain barrels, drain outdoor spigots.

These tasks will help keep outdoor spigots from freezing. Consider wrapping your spigots with insulated foam covers, and open the valves to let the water drain out of the line.

Know the location of your shut-off valve.

If a pipe does burst, you’ll want to close your main water shut-off valve. Know where it is ahead of time so you can act fast in an emergency.

Finally, we hope it never happens, but if your pipes do freeze, proceed with caution. Thawing a frozen pipe can be dangerous because the pipes may become damaged or cracked, releasing water under great pressure. This is especially risky if you are using heat lamps, hair dryers or other electrical means of thawing the pipe. Never use an open flame on a frozen pipe. Be sure to thaw the pipe from the direction of the faucet so that the water has a safe way to escape as it melts.

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Brandon and Dan


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