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The Augusta floor plan by AB Homes with dark tan siding, white trim and landscaping wide shot
The Augusta floor plan by AB Homes with dark tan siding, white trim and landscaping wide shot

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Just for Agents: Why Custom-Built Homes are Good for Your Buyers

by Brandon Simpson and Dan Lawson

Custom-Built Homes are Good for Your Buyers! Those stories about so-called touchy relationships between home builders and agents? We haven’t experienced it. Real estate agents and builders benefit from working together since we all want the same thing: to place clients in their ideal homes. We enjoy working with you and your buyer to find the right property, the perfect floor plan, and customized touches to make their house the home of their dreams.

A real estate agent showing a couple a custom-built home

Now more than ever, there are plenty of great reasons why custom-built homes are good for your buyers, as you will read.

No Bidding Wars

Inviting your buyer to consider a custom-built home eliminates their having to overpay for a resale home. That’s especially true when the sellers’ market is as hot as it is now. Let’s say your client is interested in a resale home appraised at $330,00. A bidding war ensues, and soon there are multiple contracts on the home. If they want to win the battle, your client must pay $350,00 instead. That’s a big difference. With a custom-built home, the buyer determines the price point that their budget will allow; no haggling required.

They don’t have to Settle

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases your client will probably make in their lifetime. They want to get it right, and you do too. Going the custom-built route lets buyers build their home just the way they want it, from choosing the floor plan to selecting the countertops, cabinetry, and finishes throughout the house.

No need to Remodel a Custom-Built Home

The last thing you want to do after closing on a home is to tackle a remodeling project. That’s what many buyers have to do when they settle for a fixer-upper or less than ideal home. The cost to remodel a kitchen or bathroom can add thousands of more dollars to their already costly investment. There’s the inconvenience too, of living amid the construction.

Energy Efficiency

Custom-built homes have the advantage here over older resale homes, with insulated walls, ceilings, and floors; double-paned windows; and new energy-efficient appliances. In tandem with a new HVAC system, these features will keep your clients comfortable for years to come. And, it’s good for the environment.

We want You to Look Good

We enjoy collaboration with agents. When working with AB Homes, you can be as involved as you like, or we can handle the details for you. Our company buys the land, covers the construction costs, builds the homes, and offers stylish, customizable features to put the finishing touches on your buyer’s home.

Besides, we offer a generous Agent Reward Program that increases with each AB Homes you sell. Look for details at this link. Then, call us at (757) 435-9900 to schedule a tour of our model home.

All the best,

Brandon and Dan

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