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The Sussex floor plan by AB Homes with gray siding white trim and purple door
The Sussex floor plan by AB Homes with gray siding white trim and purple door

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The Many Benefits of Hiring Local

by Brandon Simpson and Dan Lawson

Hiring local workers has benefits that extend beyond a company’s day-to-day needs. At AB Homes, this has been good for us—and for our community. When we started our business in 2013, Dan and I wanted it to reflect the things that were most important to us. Our goal was to offer a superior custom home-building experience; use quality materials; and hire local workers and suppliers as part of our team.

Home builder hiring local with a ruler and hammer working on a custom home

Hiring Local for Our Team

As the general contractor for the homes we build, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this last point. We work with approximately 30 subcontractors, who live here in Hampton Roads. They work as our construction managers, equipment operators, masonry workers, carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers—and so much more. We also buy our materials and supplies from area businesses, and we hire local firms to assist with other needs, such as marketing, legal counsel, and home staging.

Support for Our Local Economy

Why do we do it? As a local business owner, I want AB Homes to support our local economy. Like tossing a stone into a pond, hiring local has a ripple effect on our region’s economy when these workers shop, dine, see a concert or take in a ball game here at home. As these businesses prosper; the money stays in the community, improving the area and benefitting the folks who live there.

There are practical benefits for hiring local as well. Seeing a craftsman’s work firsthand, or meeting a vendor face to face can be invaluable. And, you can avoid costly or time-consuming mistakes when working with local employees, who are familiar with municipal building regulations.

At AB Homes, we are twice blessed. It feels good to put people in the home of their dreams. But supporting our local economy and neighbors here at home? That’s the best feeling of all.

All the best,

Brandon and Dan

P.S. If you’re interested in employment with a company that supports the community and values its employees, consider AB Homes. Click here to find out about job openings.

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