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The Sussex floor plan by AB Homes with gray siding white trim and purple door
The Sussex floor plan by AB Homes with gray siding white trim and purple door

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Terrific Home Design Ideas for 2022

by Brandon Simpson and Dan Lawson

Excited for new home design ideas for 2022? Interior designers have been busy with their forecasts, and we’re seeing some terrific, creative ways to rejuvenate your home in the year ahead. Many recommend the use of muted colors, calming textures, and natural light throughout the house. The idea is to create mindful spaces to make you feel good and be more productive in your abode.

This all sounds great to us, and many of their concepts work well with the traditional home styles and floor plans we offer at AB Homes. The following design suggestions caught our eye. We think you will like them too!

Colorful dining room showing an inviting interior as a home design idea for 2022
Inviting interiors
Open floor plan kitchen. family room, and dining showing multifunctional spaces that flow
Multifunctional Spaces that Flow

Our Top Seven Home Design Ideas for 2022

One – Inviting Interiors

Studies have shown that visually-appealing rooms can help ease stress and boost cognitive function. That goes for the color of your walls too. Shades of blue, green and gray can have a soothing effect on your senses. Pair your wall color with classic sofas, comfy chairs, squishy pillows and pleasing artwork. Your home will feel as good as it looks!

Two – Multifunctional Spaces that Flow

Using your house to live, work and play is as popular as ever. In an open kitchen/dining/living space, parents can oversee dinner arrangements, while the kids do homework in the den area. The kitchen table or countertop can do double duty for all kinds of work tasks. This layout is great for entertaining too, with plenty of space for you and your guests. Bonus tip: Create homey areas within large spaces by adding shelving, a folding screen, console tables, and area rugs.

Three – Kitchens with Character

Speaking of the room “where everyone gathers,” did you know that adding a pop of accent color is trending? Yep. Think kitchen cabinets in shades of mint green, navy blue, and charcoal gray. With the supply chain demand, people are also being resourceful with how they decorate. Vintage tables, homey framed art, and rustic vessels for holding utensils are in style. Everything old is new again. And you don’t have to order. Just hit your local antique store.

Four – New Vision for Your Bonus Room

If you’re still thinking about how to use your bonus room, there’s always a home office or gym to consider. But don’t limit your choices. One designer suggested using the spare room as a library, by adding ready-made shelving, seating nooks, and lamps. Another suggested using the space as a crafting room, where you can paint, sew, explore hobbies and create to your heart’s content. We’ve also heard of owners who’ve used this space as a dog zone for their pups—complete with beds, toys, and a quiet area for chilling. How cool is that?

Five – Nature-Inspired Accents – Home Design Ideas for 2022

Another of the home design ideas for 2022 that we like, is the idea of bringing the outdoors into your home. Adding plants to your décor is both easy and inexpensive. Through a natural filtering process, plants will improve the air quality—helping your breath easier and sleep better! Wooden flooring, rattan furniture, and natural-looking accents will also lighten the look of your interiors. Bonus tip: All the homes we build include blinds installed in every window. Instead of adding drapes or heavy window treatments, hang lightweight curtain panels made of natural fibers to let the sunshine through. Enjoy the natural light during the day, and close only the blinds at night.

Six – Elevated Outdoor Furniture

Last year we saw more homeowners enjoying their decks and outdoor spaces. This year, we hear that investing in chic outdoor furniture is the way to go. Water-resistant wicker (or faux wicker) patio sets are in style. So are porch swings, plant stands, and coffee tables in handsome shades of natural wood. We’re also seeing upcycled outdoor furniture of all kinds, made of reclaimed wood from boats, farms, and wine casts. We love this idea!

Seven – Live more with Less Stuff

While looking at home design ideas 2022, don’t forget to declutter. Most every interior decorator will tell you, eliminating clutter in your home is one of the best design tips of all. Start small, by picking a shelf, drawer, or closet to go through. Then, move on to larger tasks room by room. When you’re finished, consider giving gently-used furniture to Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads. Clothing that’s in good shape can go to For Kids, a charitable organization that helps families facing homelessness in the region. For small home décor, dishes and accessories, consider donating these to The Hope House Foundation Thrift Store in Norfolk. Proceeds go to provide services to help adults with disabilities live independently.

What about you? Do you have any home design Ideas for 2022 to share?

We’d love to hear them! Email us at the address below, and we’ll consider your tips for a follow-up blog. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy happy times at home in the months ahead. Best wishes for 2022!

All the best,

Brandon and Dan

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