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Suffolk Realtor Award Program AB Homes

Agent Reward Program

We Love Working with Agents!

Agent Reward Program by AB Homes

Nothing satisfies us more than helping your buyers find the perfect property, the right floor plan, and the customized finishing touches for their dream home. Come visit us at AB Homes with your buyer and receive a bonus reward at closing. And that’s just the start. With every additional buyer you bring, the reward increases incrementally upon closing.

First buyer – $500 agent bonus

Second buyer – $1,500 bonus

Third buyer – $2,500 bonus

Fourth buyer – $5,000 bonus

Schedule an AB Homes tour with your buyer by calling (757) 435-9900

Suffolk Realtor Agent Bonus

Agent Reward Program runs 1-1-2022 through 12-31-2022. *Program subject to change.

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