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The first key step in buying a home is getting pre-approval. You can work with your preferred lender or utilize our specialized lenders for new construction homes. Our premier lenders offer expertise in VA, FHA, and Conventional loans, ensuring personalized guidance.

Preferred Lender | Connie Ramsay | Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Connie Ramsay, from Atlantic Bay Mortgage, brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. With a background in banking and a love for numbers and people, she embodies a commitment to supporting builders like AB Homes. Connie offers a range of loan options including FHA, VA, and conventional loans, tailored to individual needs. As a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads, she is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of the market, ensuring each transaction is uniquely catered to their circumstances. Connie sees herself not just as a lender for a single transaction but as a lifelong partner in her clients’ financial journeys.

Preferred Lender | Avery Tuell | Southern Trust Mortgage

Avery Tuell, Loan Officer at Southern Trust Mortgage, is dedicated to assisting buyers purchasing AB Homes by providing expert guidance on VA, FHA, and conventional loans. With personalized service and clear communication, Avery ensures a smooth and efficient homebuying process. As a devoted family man, he values quality time with his children and is committed to being your trusted partner throughout your journey with AB Homes.

Preffered Lender | Fran Weaver | Towne Bank

Fran Weaver, a seasoned mortgage loan officer at TowneBank Mortgage, offers over 30 years of expertise in the industry. Recognized as one of AB Homes’ preferred lenders, Fran specializes in VA, FHA, and conventional loans for their homes. Operating out of Suffolk, she finds fulfillment in guiding clients through the process of realizing their dream homes. Beyond her professional pursuits, Fran enjoys raising unique pets like goats and a donkey, while Suffolk’s tight-knit community adds to her overall satisfaction in both personal and professional life.

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